Sunroom Awash with the Glow of Autumn

My sunroom is the perfect spot to spend a chilly autumn day curled up on the sofa with a book or magazine. When the fireplace is aglow, it echoes the golden hues of autumn on the trees that peek through the curtains.

Four neutral-toned napkins serve as the base for my mantel display of white. I brought out the owls and white pumpkins. I added a pitcher with some cattails and real grass. The bow on the lantern is almost matchy-matchy with the napkins.

The pulley and oil can may seem out of place, but they once belonged to my father. I love combining new pieces with older mementos that have a sentimental value.

The little turkey is sitting amidst the pine cones and acorns that have fallen out of the lantern.

I tilted the small white pumpkin that is perched on top of a glass pillar holder.   A nubby-textured brown pumpkin sits next to a larger white pumpkin.

The small light on the wall sconce illuminates my large owl that rests on top of a paper-covered book. I love the effect that accent lighting adds to a room. It’s just enough to bring attention to a special area in the room.

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