Porch Ceiling Project

I’m starting a project of a new ceiling for my covered porch. The wood is a tongue and groove knotty pine.

I’m using an espresso colored stain because I’m trying to get it to match my outdoor furniture. Well as close as possible.

It is a little darker than I thought it would be since I’ve used this color on other things before.

I’m not sure I can add a second coat because then it will be really dark. I may buy a lighter color for a second coat and play with it. I wiped all of the excess off, and I’m waiting for it to dry to see if I like it. It is alway sa process for me since I have a hard time making decisions.

This is the ceiling now.

As you can see, it desperately needs to be redone. I didn’t want to just paint it or put up siding. I wanted something different so I started to look around on Pinterest for ideas. This picture is the look that I am going for.

I will keep you posted and show you the finished product. Will I be doing this 😍 or this 😭?

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