Red Truck

Well it was a cold one last night. It got down to 37°. Now I know everyone is laughing and saying that’s not cold. I know, but it’s the beginning. Now this is what I love. Dropping at night then getting into the 60’s during the day.

I am a grandmother again! Number 9 and it never gets old. It still feels heart filling. He is the first child of my youngest son. He was a nice 8 lb 12 oz. Nice size, right?

October is coming to an end in 11 days so I’ve been planning my changes for the Thanksgiving season. I am so excited. I wanted to show you this great truck that I picked up at Pier 1. This was one of the things that I saw and wanted because so many people had them and I had to have. Well I spied and desired but refrained. I walked around the store trying to figure where it would go. Well as much as I wanted it, I did not purchase it at that time. Sad but thought myself wise in not buying something I did not need. Well the story goes on in another Pier 1. I looked all over store and found none 😞. Now I said to myself it wasn’t meant to be. Weeks later going to my home store, I found the truck again but low and behold it was a sign. lol I bought it and decided when I got home I would make a place for it.

I placed some pine cones and real white pumpkins in it. I am so happy 😍. It sits on this repurposed bench that I found in the trash and cut down to fit this spot. When you come to my front door, you are greeted by my cute truck. I placed a couple of owls on the other side. One has a timer candle, and I put some orange lights and some fall leaves to finish.

Now just a quick shot of my bedroom. I have a pumpkin pillow behind a tray with my book and some fall inspiration.

Here is the corner near the bench filled with a couple of teddy bears, a wooden pumpkin, and some leaves that have fallen from my garland that I have draped across the bench. I like to add touches of a holiday wherever I can. Do you? 🍁🍁

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