Amaryllis in Deep Red

I’m posting these pictures from Thanksgiving because a lot of people do turkey for Christmas also.

This is our turkey deep frying. We started this tradition about 5 years ago. You haven’t tasted the best turkey until you’ve tasted a deep fried one. It is moist in the center and crispy on the outside.

My youngest son, Greg, did the frying and carving.  It’s great to have family traditions that you can pass down to future generations.  And remember this Thanksgiving was a cold one here in southern New Jersey in the 20’s so it was gloves, hat, and scarf weather.  We all took turns going out and keeping him company.

This is in my living room. I added some deep red into my decor this year, not much I do love my white, but I wanted a little change. The red amaryllis is from last year. They sat on my counter in a Mercury vase. I added white berry branches. The green branches are lambs ear. I found these matchy candles and wrapped a white berry stem around it. Check out last year’s post so you can see the change. The red velvet pillow that I dded to the chair really makes the poinsettia pillow pop. I love changing things up. It doesn’t take much to get a whole new look, and even better, it didn’t cost anything. I do get tired of things but I’ve invested money into my decorations even though most of it was on sale. If I purchased it, I had to love it so the fact that I can reuse it in another location and create a beautiful new look makes me very happy. Look around at your space to see how can you freshen things up in your house.

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