Hello knitters!

To all the knitters out there, hello!  I just started knitting.  I’ve made a small lap blanket with pom-poms.  It was a lot of fun. It is far from perfect, but that’s OK because I made it myself.  The color of the wool is fig.  I really like this color and having matching fig colored pillows. Here I’ve taken one of my flower arrangements and added some rust colored feathers berries and branches to change …

Lenox and Valentine’s Day

Lenox is still my favorite go-to. I put some faux roses in a vase. Next, I added a cute heart box with a bow and pink rose which matches the roses in the vase. Finally I added a small candle and taper holder. This is a simple vignette that you can place anywhere in your home to give a nod to Valentines’ Day.