Fall 2017 Dining Room Decor

Today we move over to my dining room; specifically the buffet where my focal point is the large pitcher filled with olive branches.

Placed in front of the pitcher is a pieced owl with a set timer candle inside. I just love when he’s all aglow at night. The lighted pattern dances off of the walls.  There is a pizza board and a swig of cotton behind the pitcher.

Sitting in the middle of the buffet is a clear glass vase filled with potpourri. The lid is tilted so the aroma of the potpourri can permeate the room. It also adds a touch of interest by revealing the wrapped twine.

The lighted cabinet shows off the crystal barware on the shelves.  I’ve included a few olives and cotton balls to continue the look.

An olive throw set over the side chair, and some festive pumpkins placed about complete the look.

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