Hello Fall! (Fall 2017 Front Porch Decor)

Well Hello Fall!  I’ts been a long year, and I’ve missed you.

The metal bookshelf is all decked out to welcome fall into the house.

The owls, scattering of pumpkins, leaf garland, and lantern convey the autumnal feel. And the lights running across the back add to the ambiance.

Aww look at the lil baby owl just sitting there watching everything going on.

I spend a lot of time on the front porch so I like to have it set up like another room in my house.  To accomplish this, I make sure I have a lot of comfy pillows and a throw a hand to keep away the chill.

Here I have another lantern with timer candles and a lovely bow on top.

I like to start my mornings on my porch surrounded by pretty things to look at.  I put my feet up and sip some coffee while I figure out the day ahead.

I put a big orange bow on the cornstalks so they can been noticed from the street.  I’ve opened the husk surrounding the corn to show of the beautiful golden color of the ears.

I guess I made them too pretty because we’ve had an uninvited dinner guest snacking on them.  So far the chipmunk has managed to clear a whole ear of kernels. I’m leaving him a dish of kernels hoping he takes the hint and leaves my decorations alone.

How do you like to start your mornings?

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