Coffee with Ghouls

This is the same cabinet in my kitchen that I transformed into my coffee station.

I changed out the fall colored mugs with a mostly black and white theme with touches of orange for Halloween. I started with black and white plaid mugs on the bottom shelf. The mugs are sitting on top of black and white shelving paper.  I added a little pumpkin with “boo” written on it placed on top of one of the mugs. Eek! There are a couple of mice hiding among the mugs. The middle shelf holds ghost-shaped mugs with some leaves and another boo pumpkin. Placed on the top shelf are some mugs with pumpkin faces on them. There is also a jack-o-lantern with a candle ring doing double duty as a wreath. There are some leaves and berry branches on top of the cabinet.

I better watch out. It looks like those spiders are trying to get a sip of my coffee.

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