Boo-tiful Dining Room Halloween Decor

A black and white color scheme adds a “boo-tiful” touch for Halloween to a dining room.  It pairs well with my coffee station which is located next to the dining room.

Look at this poor little ghost trapped in the vase.  Perhaps he went for a swim in the black and white jelly beans and got stuck.  Next to him is a white candle placed on top of a mercury pillar candle.  A simple black ribbon around the candle ties the look together.

I filled this large vase with some oak branches and added a creepy black hand with some hanging spiders. It’s enough to catch the grandchildren’s eyes and make them say “whoop look at that.” Whenever they come over they go through the house to see what I’ve done. They enjoy everything at this age which makes it worth every minute.

This little owl is showing off her feathers and there is a spider adding to her look.

I love this black and white plaid pillow so I placed it on the chair. I accented it with this pillow with a black spider spinning a silver thread on a white background. Even the candle has been decorated with a string of black beads.

To change things up, I swapped out the spider pillow for a black boa and black mask.

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