Rainy Day Thoughtful Reflections

It was a rainy day here in New Jersey so with my coffee cup in hand, I thought I would share a few thoughtful reflections with my readers.

It is 74 degrees, and there is a nice breeze from the window blowing my curtains.  I’m sitting in my sunroom with the electric fireplace on without the heat.  Just the glow of the flame.  The mantle is illuminated by the orange string lights.  I enjoy watching the rain hitting the water in the lake.  I can see that there are a few last minute stragglers who have not flown south yet.  The trees are just starting to turn for fall.  A lot of the leaves are tipped with golds and reds.  How beautiful!  I love taking the time to enjoy the beauty of nature .

I talk about nature a lot because I don’t think enough of us take the time to look around. We have so much going on in our lives that we forget to stop for a minute and take a breath. We are lucky to have four seasons here in New Jersey.  There is so much to do with every season.  Cherish every moment because tomorrow is another day, and we don’t know what it will bring us .

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