A Grandmother’s Halloween Treats

No tricks today.  Just the treat of some of my adorable grandchildren dressed up for Halloween.

This little vampire is so charming that he may bite your neck before you are aware of what has happened.

From Halloween 2015, these two vampiresses are quite happy about the meal (candy) they just shared.

This little princess is sure to get a lot of candy with a smile that beguiles. Her big brother is nearby to scare off any ghouls or goblins.

And here they are when they were just babies enjoying their treasure. They had no idea why they got so lucky but were eager to do it again the next day.

Well tomorrow is the day. Don’t forget to get your candy. The door bell will be ringing over and over as little ghosts, goblins, and witches make their way around the neighborhood. I so enjoy seeing the first timers being pushed up to the door by their parents to get a piece of candy. And then there are the pros who rush up to get their treat before heading off to the next house to quickly fill up their bag before the night is over.

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