Turkey Platter Centerpiece

In place of a coffee table, I have a large ottoman in my living room. I like to use a platter or serving tray of some sort in order to offer some stability for things placed on top of it.

For Thanksgiving, I’ve opted for this large silver turkey platter from Lenox. It is a quite heavy piece.

First, I placed the platter at an angle to add a touch of interest. Next, I added a swag that has paper ivory leaves with some bleached pine cones, flowers and some green fuzzy balls. Then, I wrapped some raffia around the top of the swag. Finally, I added a couple of green candle gourds. I don’t think I will light them because they are too close for comfort to the paper leaves.

A sparkly cream pumpkin sits on top of the honey-toned candle holder to add some additional height. Lastly, there is another one in front with a silver turkey that matches the platter.

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