It’s almost Thanksgiving!

Well my southern girls left early this morning. They will get in late tonight. I’m counting the hours.

Traffic is crazy out there. The police are out and handing out tickets. Slow down and breathe! I know everyone is excited about the upcoming 4 day weekend, but if you don’t slow down, you won’t get to enjoy it.

I did a little last minute grocery shopping. Big mistake! The lines were ridiculous. I always say never again, and yet every year I always want to get a little more of this or that. Remind me again next year.

I see a lot of people have their Christmas decorations up. A lot of people do what bloggers refer to as “crossholidation”. I have a hard time doing that, but it is great if you can. I can’t lie. I do have two of my trees up. I am so excited. Check back because I will be posting Christmas stuff on Friday. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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