Snuggled Up Waiting for the Snow

They say we are getting 1-3 inches of snow this afternoon. I like the kind of snow that makes everything pretty and clean. Everything looks like it’s in a Norman Rockwell picture. I plan on staying in and keeping warm while watching the snow through the window.

This chair is very ready for that with a nice white faux fur to snuggle up with. My husband went to work so the fur will have to do. This is the same Tuscan vase I’ve used for other seasons. The leaves are a bluish grey with a frosty covering. They just look so good with the white berries popping through.

This cute white fur trimmed Santa is standing guard watching the presents. I also added a couple of blue candles with a small blue bow wrapped around them.

Now that you know how I’m spending my day how are you spending yours?

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