Entering the cold month of January

Christmas Undecorating

Christmas has now passed, and I have started the process of undecorating. Other than being extremely time consuming, I don’t really mind because it is time to move onto something else.

I fold up all of my bows, label them, and place them in bags. They are different sizes so they fit in certain locations. This helps me remember where they were.  I pack away all the Christmas related things like trees, Santas, reds, golds, stockings, and Christmas ornaments. The snowmen, snowflakes, silver, and other things will remain because they remind me of the cold month of January.

In the coming days, I will be doing some vignettes on my idea of January. I like to change things help. It makes it easier to get through the dreary cold winter months. January 14th will be exactly one month until Valentine’s Day. I will start adding in touches of pink and red, and of course HEARTS.

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