Snow, Snow, and More Snow

Well, I am here in a snow-covered south Jersey.  Oh what a beautiful sight!  Everything is so clean and pure looking.  There is very little traffic in my community because it is one of the many retirement communities located in New Jersey.  They have to put us baby boomers somewhere.  It is so quiet I can hear the wind blowing the snow around.  The lake in the back is completely frozen over so there are no ducks to be seen.

Ah to be young again, and the only thoughts are of building a snowman or flying down a high hill on a sled.  The excitement being enough to keep you warm no matter how cold it is.  To all of us not out having fun, I hope you are staying warm inside like me.

Here is a little winter vignette that I have set up to help set the scene.  A birch candle sits on a mercury pillar.  Hanging from it is a pine cone ornament.  I guess this guy is supposed to be Father Christmas, but I like to stand him along side this candle because of his coloring.

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