Red Velvet Pillows

These red velvet pillows were in my bedroom for Christmas. I decided to put them in the sunroom with a couple of teddy bears to give a little hint of Valentine’s Day.

I will not be posting on Fridays anymore because I am going to take a three day weekend from now on. I need that extra day to shop, to decorate, and to write something up. I’ve found that running a blog is very time consuming. I don’t want to just throw anything out there and would rather put some work into my posts. It takes a lot of time to set things up and take pictures. I need a lot of practice. I’m learning a lot of tricks as I go. It’s a process, and I’ll get there. Please have a little patience with me. I have a lot of ideas that I want to share. But it is all baby steps for now since this is a new medium for me.

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