Heart-Shaped Candy Box

Those beautiful boxes we get at Valentine’s Day can be used for much more than just holding delicious chocolates. I like to save my boxes and reuse them as a decoration.

I’ve repurposed this heart-shaped candy box for my sunroom mantle Valentine decor. First, I covered the mantle with a red table runner that is trimmed in velvet. Next, I tied a crimson ribbon to the Pottery Barn snowflake lantern and placed a timer candle inside. Then, I set the lantern on a couple of books that have been covered with brown paper. This added effect gives the lantern some needed height. Finally, I hung some red hearts from the birch branches.

At night, with when the fireplace is lit and the candles are a-glow, my husband and I have the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening to enjoy a glass of wine while we sit and cuddle.

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