Country/Farmhouse Valentine’s Day Table

Evolving, growing, changing. We all do it. It can’t be helped. We are not the people we were. I have always loved to decorate since I was a girl at home with my parents. I’ve decorated from my room in their home to my own home.

This photo is from 15 years ago. It’s not the best quality, but it is the idea that I’m showing you. This is a Valentine’s Day table in my kitchen in my former home. It is very country which was in at the time. Now it is called farmhouse.

The chairs were originally black. I painted them green and added a floral design. The hutch in the corner has since been passed down to my oldest son and has undergone a renovation. It has since been painted red to match their decor.

My tastes have changed a lot in the years. It is really more that my children are now grown and out on their own. I can now have things that don’t need to be childproof. My grandchildren are also at a good age so I can do what I want finally. To all the new moms, be patient. Your time will come soon.

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