Wisteria Vine

OK, now understand, this is a project that should really have been done last year.  Finding someone to build something isn’t that easy.  Then the problem was that the foliage started to come in, and it was very hard to work around it.  So this had to be put off until now.  As you can see this had to be taken down.  The branch had started to wrap itself around my railing.

So we had to take off the top of the railing to get the branch through without damaging it. This is a wisteria vine, and you can see it is healthy. Here we got it to the other side of railing and started to cut away lattice but not all of it because I didn’t want it falling down while I wait for new piece.

This is half cut away. Let me tell you, it wasn’t a easy job.

Here it is once all of the lattice was removed.

And here it is again once it has been finished with a new trellis.

It is bare now, but later in the season it will be full of beautiful purple flowers that hang down. I am training it to run along the front of my house. Next step will be outdoor drapes and new trim around the top. Stay tuned because I will post pictures of the drapes and blooms. They are gorgeous.

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