Putting away summer

Away away my summer things are going away. And I am counting the days till fall. I know a lot of people say it’s their favorite time of year. I’m no exception. I am one of those people who is checking online already to check out all the new fall trends. Some stores are already making a change over so I can’t be the only one out there that’s excited. In a lot of areas like down south and out west they will be starting school in two weeks or so. In that case for them, summer is over. So for me starting August 1st , I do what I call my pre getting ready for fall. Now what that means is I do sunflowers by bringing in that darker golden color of yellow. I also bring out a darker shade of blue. I will bring out my owls. The tones change as we approach fall. The colors slowly get deeper and more vibrant. As the colors on the trees change so do the colors of decor. Next week I will show you some of my changes as I slowly introduce the beautiful shades of a new season that I am ever so happy to welcome.😍

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