Sunflower seasonπŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸ’›πŸ’›

Well if you have been checking out online like I have, the stores are getting ready for the seasonal change that we all have been waiting for. Even Pinterest has been more about fall. I’m starting to make my way through my rooms and putting away memories of a wonderful summer. I know it’s not over for a long while. We will still be getting those hot humid days of summer. Ew!

I bring out sunflowers wherever I can incorporate them whether in groupings or one single alone one. Anyone who knows me, knows I use a lot of blue. It’s funny how through the years our tastes change. I was heavy into blue about 35 years ago. I’ve also done green, gold, and Merlot red. I don’t change because it’s in, I go with what makes me happy.

I mentioned in a previous post that velvet was going to be in. Well Pottery Barn did a good job of bringing in blue and velvet this season. Check out what’s hot on their website. Their August 2018 catalog with the beautiful pillows just excites my creative side to endless possibilities.

With this simple table display I have 3 cream colored sunflowers in a chateau blue ( isn’t that a great name they are calling it) pitcher, my owl of course, a bowl filled with lemons ,and a candle which is a must have.Β  I have everything sitting on a pizza board.

Now if you see what I mean, I don’t have shells out but because of the sunflowers and lemons it still has a summery feel.

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