Sunflower August 🌻🌻

This is my kitchen accents for sunflower August. 🌻

I top off my fridge with a sunflower table runner. Then I added an amber colored pitcher with a sunflower wrapped around it and a green chippy stool.

Next come over to my cabinet that I’m using for shelves because the shelves I purchased for there I decided to use for the bathroom. I told you I can never make up my mind πŸ€”. I used a couple of napkins to add to the look of sunflower August 🌻. My little black crow a tin can, a pitcher, and mugs give it a finished look.

Now let’s move over to counter. I placed coffee beans in one vase and sunflower 🌻 seeds in another. A sunflower dish on a plate stand coordinates the theme. The pickles were compliments of my youngest daughter. She pickled some cucumbers from her garden. They were. Get it? Past tense because they are gone. Delicious every last bite.

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