Neutral done right 👍

Neutral, done right can be quite appealing to the eye. I’ve added different textures, shades and materials to this display so it doesn’t seem boring. OK, I’ve said it. Yes, sometimes neutral can be boring.

My birch branches are leaning against the mantle with a cotton ball and birch wreath hanging from it . There are fox tails and feathers in a white pitcher. The dark color really stands out with all the whites and creams.

My owl is sitting atop a display of books that I had covered in brown paper then added some white over it. The white is Pottery Barn bags inside out, and I crimped the edges with scissors. A vintage rope pull in front of the books to add even more dark color. Two pillar holders, one with a birch candle and another with a pumpkin that is sharing the punched hole look matching the owls. Cute block letters spelling family seal the deal. Off to the left of the f from family is an old oil can in case I run into the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

In front of the fireplace, there is a huge faux pumpkin, an olive bucket filled with birch logs, and two lanterns with the punched holes pulling everything from above down to continue the theme.

Here on the couch sound asleep is my son’s cat, Sneakers. So try and be real quiet so we don’t wake him.

This corner is ready for me to snuggle up and have a cup of coffee.

And here in this basket is a extra pillow and blanket if you need, fell free to grab it and get comfortable.

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