Hello knitters!

To all the knitters out there, hello!  I just started knitting.  I’ve made a small lap blanket with pom-poms.  It was a lot of fun.

It is far from perfect, but that’s OK because I made it myself.  The color of the wool is fig.  I really like this color and having matching fig colored pillows.

Here I’ve taken one of my flower arrangements and added some rust colored feathers berries and branches to change it over to a fall arrangement. Just a quick and easy way to introduce a little more fall.

This is last year’s autumn vignette with my Tuscan vase that I changed a little by adding matching pillar holders with fig colored candles that pick up on the color of the branches. I added the twig and moss ball to mimic the outdoors.

I love surrounding myself with small vignettes here and there to honor each season. Mother Nature has done such a wonderful job of creating such beauty for us so why not bring it in to enjoy. MN is the most creative decorator I’ve ever come across so I compliment her showcasing her beautiful creations.

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