Falling for Fall

I thought I would share a couple of fall foliage pictures that my daughter-in-law took on a recent trip to Bucks County, PA.

This beautiful picture was taken from Bowman’s Hill Tower. The tops of those trees and the clouds are just breathtaking.

And there is my granddaughter, Rebecca, standing at the location of the famous Washington Crossing.

My turkey display on my mantle it’s done with creams and caramel. There is some wheat tucked in around the cream hydrangea and of course a turkey. I loved these pumpkins that are vintage Pottery Barn. The colors of cream and caramel swirling pick up on the garland and then the colors in the turkey also add to the look of fall.

I have a small vignette on my ottoman. A bronze table runner and a beaded copper charger are showing off a couple of votives for candles. I’m using one as a vase to hold some faux ivory hops clippings and some berries. A Mercury glass rose gold pumpkin and some feathers complete the display. It is small but makes a statement.

A few cute pillows stay with a copper/caramel tone. Of course one has the popular word for Thanksgiving, GATHER. It’s when the family gathers together to eat, drink, share memories, and also to make new ones as we will do this year. As I told you, I’m a grandmother again so our new little addition will be adding new stories that we can tell for future Thanksgivings.

Had to share this picture from Instagram. Isn’t he beautiful? He’s the kind you don’t eat.


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This is my sun room. It’s all taken apart because I am waiting on new windows and a sliding door to be installed. The window company is backed up so 4 to 6 weeks has turned into 8 to 10. I took everything out of the room except for the couch. I couldn’t stand looking in there and seeing emptiness so I put some fall pillows out.

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