New Windows

As you can see, I desperately needed new windows and a door.  I have a great view, but looking through these old things doesn’t do it justice.  So out with the old and in with the new.  

Can you see the way I used to have to lock the door?  Two chains and a rope; real safe!  Thank goodness there is a alarm.   Let me tell you what a pain it was to unhook everything just to go out and grill or water plants.

As you can see, we put a wall up and took out a couple of windows.  The reason for this is I want faux stone and a wood stove.  It’s going to look like this what do you think?

Now I know you are thinking, wow a red stove.  Well yes, if you think about it, red goes with everything and every season.  I do like the pop the red is going to give it.  I am thinking of only 1 shelf on each side of the smoke stack.  The wall is not big enough to handle three like they are showing.

For the windows, I wanted these check drapes.  They are neutral, but I don’t know if they are still in not that I really care.  I just think solid would be to plain in there.  And what color white, off white or cream?  See what I mean by making a decision so that’s why I was thinking of these.  I so wanted the drapes to the floor, but because of the shelf I can’t and the shelf has cinder blocks behind it to hold up the windows . 

Greg, the window installer, had a hard time removing the blocks from the windows near the door.  He had to use a jack hammer so there is no way I was going to take the rest of the wall down.

This is the opening with the windows down.

Oh this is a random picture I took of the great view of  the ducks.  The windows are so clear and not like before when they were old and dingy.

Next week, I will post the furniture back in and my tree up.  Yes, with only three weeks left of the season, I will put a tree up.  It’s my favorite tree.

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