❤️ My 2019 Valentine’s Day Decor ❤️

My Valentine’s Day  💟️ decor this year is a lot of red and black in the sun room. We still haven’t painted behind the fireplace so excuse the mess. There is still a lot of work to be done in this room, but I need the warmer weather so things will dry and the carpenter doesn’t freeze out here.

As for myself, I’ve gotten my numbers down below 130. I am a type two diabetic and that is good for me. I’ve been in the high 100’s and having pain in my feet. I realized something has to give so I am watching what I eat and hopefully I will lose some weight, actually a lot of weight, I need to lose about 40 lbs. I am terrible and have no self control. if I see it, I eat it even if I don’t like it. Now this has nothing to do with a New Year’s resolution since I never stay with them. This is about my health. Now I am not on any fad diets because I have tried them all. I am trying to change my eating habits because if I don’t do that I am just going to gain it back as I’ve done in the past. But it’s not easy the older you get, the harder it is, and I love my carbs. 

I am retired and home a lot. I really enjoy being home so that’s why I decorate for every holiday. It keeps me busy, and I enjoy the finished product. OK, well the truth is, it’s never really finished in my eyes. I am constantly moving, changing, and adding things. I can be reading a book or watching Hallmark Channel, look up, and say I should move that over there or get something from another room and add it to another display. I never stop. I wish I could, but I guess at my age it’s good because it keeps my mind active.

The temperature here in southern New Jersey has been in the single digits at night, and we are lucky if it gets into the 20’s. I am so done with this weather. So trying to stay warm I have been looking at ideas for Easter 🌼🌼. I am so ready for my spring flowers and the bunny 🐇 to come hip hopping along.  Who is ready for spring? Me, me.

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