Pink and Easter

I posted this video on Instagram and thought I would share it to my blog. This is how my sunroom is decorated for Easter.

Pink is so big this year so I had to bring it into my decor for Easter. The weather has been so chilly so far that all of the trees and flowers are having a hard time getting started. It’s like me in the morning not wanting to get up and out from under the warm covers. It’s going up to 65 today so it’s a good day to go buy my pansies and put up my drapes on the front porch. Note to myself to remember to order mulch.

I need to get out and start walking. I’ve put on more weight because of not walking. Who am I kidding? It’s because I’m eating all the wrong things. My sugar numbers have been up so another note to myself to stop eating junk food. Yes, now that I’m getting older, I am doing a lot of notes to myself.

Next week come back and join me. I will post more Easter pictures. I will try another video. That was my first one. Not bad! LOL I’m trying. 🌷🌷🐰🐰

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